2012. Director : David Marconi
Starring : Frank Grillo, Jaimie Alexander, Roschdy Zem, Moussa Maaskri, Marie-Josée Croze, etc
Production : Europa Corp.-Luc Besson






The script of INTERSECTIONS seemed to me very interesting as it focused on the psychological development of a group of people after a car crash in the moroccan desert.
There is a a car chase in the beginning of the movie and after this tragic accident, the film is a character driven piece of drama in the desert !
In other words the film is about a claustrophobic confrontation with a group of 6 people in this isolated desert.
We shot all the desert scenes in Merzouga / Moroco close to the Algerian border and the end of the story was set in Essaouira on the Atlantic coast !
The whole movie was shot almost in continuity as there is more or less only 1 location for the desert part, where we shoot 4 weeks.
Even in the scene we shot in continuity, which was not always an advantage for lighting continuity ! Especially when we shot a scene over 2 days ! But it helped the actors and the director David Marconi for whom this was his first film as a director after a scriptwriting career.
As most of the film takes place outside I wanted to tell time passing by with changes of the different light ambiances. For exemple to the early morning scenes we gave a warm and dark mood and for noon scenes a more neutral and very bright feel. During the Color timing of the film we then tried to be careful to change these ambiances according to our plan.
We wanted the whole look of the film very tone on tone with earth colors, subtle pastel tones, monochrome with only 1 color standing out : the blue of the sky, contrasting very well the earth colors of the sand and stone.
We also were careful to keep the whites down with the excetion for scenes that were supposed to play at midday.

Inspirations :
No Country for Old Man, Jarhead, Sheltering Sky, Drive, Body of Lies

Thanks to :
Bertrand Seitz, our production designer
My crew – Stuart Howell, Valentin Monge, Maud Lemaistre, Christophe Hustache-Marmon, Brahim Amarak, Rifki Abdelghani

Production designer Bertrand Seitz
Costumes designer Sophie Puig
operatorsteadicamer Stuart Howell(6 weeks) + Valentin Monge (2 weeks)
1.AC Maud Lemaistre+Imad Rchiche
DIT Christophe Hustache-Marmon
2nd unit Rudy Harbon avec Carson Reaves
Aerial Cinematographer James Swanson
Gaffer Brahim Amarak
Key Grip Rifki Abdelghani

Cameras 3 x Alexas Plus in Pro Res HD/400ASA/3200°K+filter 85
Canon 5D/7D + Go-Pro’s HD Hero 2
Lenses Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm+28-76mm+24-290mm
set Zeiss Master Primes
set Zeiss Compact Primes
set Leica R Cine Mode for Canon 5D/7D

Digital Lab Digimage Paris + Digital Factory Paris
Dailies Grader Mariam Bousseta
Color Timer Fabrice Blin
Camera + Grip Equipemnt Nextshot
Lighting Equipment Transpalux+Studio El Orch
Ultimatte(Russian Arm) ACS France
Stab-C for helicopter ACS France
Aerial Cinematography Jim Swanson
Pilot Eddie Lacroix for Heliconia/Marrakesh